Buy less & Buy better

Enjoy longer

  • Focusing on quality

    Producing goods inevitably generates waste and carbon emissions. By focusing on product quality, we help our customers reduce unnecessary repeat purchases and give them an enjoyable experience for years to come.

  • Improved qualification rate

    High GSM towels tend to have a higher defect rate. Our bath towels are 690 GSM, which is precisely calculated at the factory to avoid potential waste. This guarantees a higher pass rate and provides more cost effective products.

  • Eco-friendly materials

    In textile production, dyeing may leave harmful substances behind. Although it is more expensive, we insist on using eco-friendly dyes in our products to reduce harmful emissions and to ensure the health of our customers.

  • In the future

    We are still in the start-up phase. Some materials and packaging are limited due to the volume of initial orders. We will continue to optimise our design, production, shipping and packaging to improve sustainability.