Bulk Discount

Welcome to the Nebula Grass Bulk Discount Program, where buying in volume translates into exponential savings. Whether you're a commercial enterprise in need of premium towel and bedding collections, or a group of friends and family looking to combine your buying power for exceptional value, our exclusive program is curated to meet your needs.


Sateen-100 Bedding Set:

4 sets and more 20% off

8 sets and more 30% off


Plush-600 Collection Towel:

4 pieces and more 20% off

8 pieces and more 30% off



* Bulk discounts cannot be combined with other order discounts.

* Bulk items are shipped to one address only.

* Bulk discounts are non-returnable.


If you wish to purchase other products with seasonal discounts in addition to the Bulk Discount, we recommend placing separate orders to avoid discount confusion.

Simply add the qualifying quantity of products to your cart, and the bulk discount will automatically apply at checkout.


Eligible Products